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Powering up for a green planet

World Sustainability 


Date: TBA


Emerging Tech | Green Finance | ESG | Net-Zero | 

Circular Economy | Re-Fi 

The podcast Series Starts on the 25th of March 2023. 

Get certified training on carbon reduction and net-zero strategies.

This Course is exclusively for our delegates and partners!

About the

The 2nd edition of “Sustex - Tech Innovation for Climate Action” returns to Dubai, with a vision to create an impact in the climate action ecosystem. A one-day event is an invite-only event for the key people in the Tech for Sustainability ecosphere. The event will showcase strategic panel discussions, insightful keynotes, product showcases, and technology workshops to help attending delegates discover apt solutions to their climate action activities. The platform is designed to offer you a deep insight into how blockchain and technology as a whole can help you achieve your ESG goals.


They're Simply the Best

This year, the SUSTEX conference features award-winning ESG and Tech professionals alongside the world's most fascinating professionals from different fields.